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Industrial Mobile Manipulation Virtual Micro Challenge: October 23-26!

October 5th 2022

Industrial Mobile Manipulation Virtual Micro Challenge is coming on October 23-26.

As a participant, you can expect four days of simulation-based robotics competition around mobile manipulation. You will need to write software to control the behaviour of the simulated mobile manipulator provided by organizers. The virtual environment will generate orders for object handling. So, your program should be able to retrieve information about orders, the location of objects to be handled, and send commands to the robot for grasping and manipulation.

You might want to participate because you want to practice your robotics software skills, get some fun, and have an opportunity to win a prize. 💵

Some more details about the challenge:

👉 The stack for the virtual environment consists of ROS framework and Gazebo simulator with ROS Navigation stack and MoveIt for mobile manipulator control.

👉 Solutions developed by participants must work with Ubuntu 20.04 and ROS Noetic. Any third-party libraries should be explicitly included in the solution package as dependencies.

👉 Details about the competition and scoring will be released on October 23.

👉 Participants must submit their solutions by 23:59:59 CET on October 26.

👉 After that organizers will evaluate solutions and score them. The expected date of the results is October 30 with a possibility for an extension.

👉 Take a chance and submit your registration HERE:

Any individual or a team can participate in the virtual micro challenge. The challenge is virtual so that all the related events will be organized completely online. The organizers reserve the right to change the conditions of the contest before it begins.

IMMC is a project of EIT Manufacturing, co-funded by the European Union.

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